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One Throwdown Down…

Last Thursday TNT made its official debut on the coffee streets of DC. As is usually the case with coffee things, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had some early confirmations and some people that I knew I could count on, but I hadn’t done the publicity that I had wanted and was worried some people would forget.

The evening started out a little slow, which made me nervous but worked out great because it gave our judges a chance to get all calibrated and gave people a chance to do some low key socializing. By 8 enough people trickled into the training center that we had a good crowd and were ready to get started. Coffee professionals from counter culture coffee, murky coffee, peregrine espresso and tryst came together for an awesome TNT premiere. We had ten competitors who poured out some pretty incredible stuff.

Will Shields, a murky barista, started things off with a really great 45 point pour.

And from there things only got better. Ryan Jensen showed off some of his rekindled bar skills by claiming control of the board with a nice, clean and symmetrical heart poured into a 6 ounce capp cup.
jensen's pour

Next up was Travis Edwards, who bettered Jensen by half a point with a heart-topped rosetta (slightly tuliped). great symmetry with pretty and clean lines.
travis' pour

But Travy Trav didn’t hold the spotlight for long, either. Next up was David Nigel Flynn who tweaked by Edwards by, you guessed it, half a point with this pour

dnf's pour

So you can imagine the excitement that was building with each pour slightly better than the next, creating a one point spread on the leaders board. But there’s no arguing the best pour of the night. Jeremy Sterner stole the show with this pour

jeremy's pour

When I delivered the cup to the judges’ table they let escape, in unison, a much impressed gasp. the definition on this pour was so sharp, and so symmetrical. To make things even better, Jeremy, so kind and unassuming, poured this despite a mostly tone deaf roomful wishing him a happy birthday.

The only challenge to Sterner’s pour came from Nick Cho, who submitted this pour

cho's pour

While the judge’s might have come down a little hard on this pour because it was in a giant 20 mug, I think it had great definition, pretty good symmetry and filled the cup quite nice.

I have to say what came together was an all together delightful evening. Easily many of my absolute favorite coffee pals came out and we had just a great time. In the TNTs to come I have two broad goals, the first may sound quite lofty but its simply to continue to create a space to see old friends and also to meet new friends. For next month I’d love to bring other coffee folks into the fold. My second goal is to add some women to the competitors list. This month we were void of any to, in the words of Danielle Glasky, “fight the good fight”.

that’s all for now.


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