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sorry this has taken me awhile to post the results and pictures. our second installment of WDC TNT was so great its taken me a couple of days to recover. phew! what a night!

if you remember my last post, i set a couple goals. first was to bring some new coffee folks into the fold, and second was to see some female baristas bring it. beyond that, WDC TNT showed a bit of growth — 14 competitors and a crowd of 30.

first off we all made some new friends, chris, and his cheerleaders vince and alex. formerly of brew mountain, (sadly R.I.P.), were actually the first to arrive. with luck they’ll come back next month and maybe stop by murky to cup from time to time.

secondly, its no joke that I was feeling a little sore of the absence of women baristas. but I put the call out, and boy it was answered. of the 14 competitors this week 5 were women.

one was our lead off hitter, juliet. and again, the night starts out with a bang. juliet’s pour scored a 37.
following juliet, the night moved along with some great pours followed by more great pours. for a moment it looked like it was shaping up to look a lot like last month’s, maybe with a little rearranging.

will shields (keeper of our coffee hearts) poured third and came through with a nice and solid pour. 40 points
david “don’t call him nigel” flynn followed with one of his reliably great pours — great infusion and balance wit long leaves. 47. he would sit pretty comfortable on top of the leader board for a couple pours.
travis stepped up with a nice heart topped rosetta, reminiscent of his pour from last month. while he came up short to top D(n)F, he snuck past will with a 41.5. (this was the moment we crowned will owner of a coffee hearts, much to mike’s chagrin.)

so there we were, about half way through the night’s competition, when the wdc tnt world was turned on its head. one of our new friends liz, a barista at tryst, poured this amazing, “foucking fred perry shit” (cinca, shelby)

people’s mouths dropped. part of the fun of it was most people had just met liz. awesome. liz took over the board with that pour, a quite nice 49. Her score needed to withstand just a few more pours, but one of them was last month’s winner jeremy sterner. he poured out this fine piece of work
and when the scores came back we had a tie for first! at 49!

TNT rules state that in the event of a tie, it shall be broken by taking the highest total in the overall impression category. That being said, there was so much excitement in the room, and so, with the consent of liz and jeremy, I proposed an amendment to the rules — winner decided by a head to head pour off between the top two. Let the record state there were no nays and a roomful of ays.

so we had a pour off. flipped a coin, jeremy went first and out of his gifted pitcher came this work of art

liz poured second, and challenged with this pour.
both pours were great. and I must say that liz pours one of the most balanced triple rosettas I’ve seen. Her pour scored a 42.5 with the judges, which wasn’t enough to claim the title from Jeremy. His effort was scored a 55. Jeremy’s just got some really great skills. His pours have such great definition… super white whites and rich browns.
So the competition was fierce and exciting, but most importantly people walked away from the training center that night, having enjoyed themselves and the coffee crowd. I can’t wait until next month to see what people bring to steal the title out of jeremy sterner’s hands.
for those feeling unsatisfied with the photos in the post, i’ve uploaded a slew of them to flickr. See You Next Month!


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