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I know you all have been on the edge of your seats awaiting the report on last week’s TNT. I’m sorry, I have no excuses, I just plain stink at this blogging stuff! (in my defense, murky did have its in-house barista competition the evening after TNT) and you know holidays…

I’m not going to gush too much, let me just say TNT 3 was awesome. Its so great to see from one month to the next how TNT grows just a bit and outdoes the months past. I love it! This month was certainly no exception. We had such a great turnout! 26 competitors! a great crowd snacking on plenty of holiday cookies and great beer! all of the tryst and open city folks came! fritzler was tipsy (and score keeping?)! and plenty of new people joined us for the night. I feel great about what the new year has in store for us dc coffee kids.

Before we get to the knitty gritty pour by pour, I’d like to just recognize the contributions of our sponsors, who play such a big role in the making of these bigger and better TNTs. This month our regular sponsors outdid themselves, while new sponsors joined the fold. First, peregrine espresso brought new and old t-shirts, and one of my all time favorite chocolate bars, askinosie’s san jose del tambo. Biagio fine chocolate added even more great chocolates, a grand cru collection from domori and a beautiful bean to bar from amedei. Liberty tavern joined our sponsors this month with a nice gift certificate (for all you michael pollan freaks, i spotted a special polyface farm pig belly on the menu a few months back…)

One of the most awesome additions to be handed over to the champeen, was a great idea from the warped mind of Mr. Nick Cho – an engraved bracelet, (you know, millrock style…) In theory it could change hands every month.

This month we were also lucky enough to be joined by one Michaele Weissman, Michaele is a journalist who has written a number of coffee related stories for the nytimes and the washington post. She’s also the author of god in a cup. Teaming up with Michaele at the judging table was Ryan Jensen and Trish Rothgeb. These folks did a great job, like i said 26 competitors!

Ok so as you all know, the eternal question burning in the minds of the WDC TNT crowd is simply this,
I will forgo any sort of suspense building and say another TNT has come and gone, and the question still stands.

But lets do the run through just for fun. As I’m so late getting this recap to you, I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t remember the order folks competed in, rather, I guarantee this is out of order.

David (N) Flynn of peregrine pours a great DNF styled pour, and takes (you guessed it) second place for the third month in a row!!

Iron Will Shields does murky coffee proud finishing third with this quite nice rosetta.

Bob Chapman, a barista from open city poured this nice heart, which put him on the leaders board for a bit.

when it comes down to it, we all agree, jeremy’s definition is insane. its so tough to top his work with colors so sharp. it definitely helps that no one else has really challenged him with a great tulip. here’s his pour from this month. I don’t think its the best one his shown us, but it was again, the best of the night. way to go jeremy, you remain the guy to beat.

further congratulations are in order for jeremy as this month he also took first place at peregrine’s first ever in-house competition, he will represent peregrine at the Mid Atlantic Regional in early February. Congrats Jeremy and Good Luck!

also a special thank you to david holloway for taking photos for us, they look great, and i’m especially grateful for the gifts of his talents.


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