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One thousand apologies for the unacceptable tardiness of this post. My chinese new year’s resolution is stay on top of these reporting responsibilities. So, better late than never, here we go…

The d.c. coffee community again converged on counter culture’s training center a few thursdays ago. Juliet made some chocolate covered strawberries, open city again brought some booze, and the people came in droves. Ok, maybe dozens is more accurate, but i like the drama that droves implies.

Because it was dramatic! Competitors all came harboring hope that they could take advantage of jeremy’s absence and win some money. And guess who had something to say about all that… certainly not a fellow competitor, but the judges! in a word, HARSH, or maybe unimpressed is a better way to say that. So unimpressed were they, that no pour garnered more than 50 points.

We had 19 competitors, and a nice slew of on-lookers. allie turner poured at the beginning of the evening, and her pour stuck around for quite some time. in fact she finished second with 49 points.

Katie Duris poured somewhere in the middle. This was her pour, and it just barely overtook the leader board, nudging past allie’s pour by half a point. Her score of 49.5 sat pretty for awhile.

Shortly thereafter, David (n) Flynn, stepped up to the machine with monies on his mind. He banged out a standard Flynn great, and stirred up a little bit of controversy. Here is his pour from this month. I don’t remember the score, somewhere in the 45-ish range. some people thought it should have earned a higher score. here’s his beautiful pour, you can decide for yourself…

For what its worth, david’s pour earned a barista’s barista award, an especially tasty drink from gibson once all this regional competition craziness settles down.
Liz Fedden was our penultimate pour, and being a great latte artist, she made a great go at the pot.

i’ve decided to post everyone’s pictures. here they are, in no particular order.

thank you everyone for your patience and continued support. and check back for pittsburgh updates! word on the street is there’s a bit of a latte art competition in conjunction with the NERBC/MARBC. I’m anticipating a great show from the ONC (our nation’s capital).


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