DMV Coffee


Best…. TNT…. EVER

I thought perhaps I was exaggerating the incredibleness of last week’s TNT, but as I sit here drinking my afternoon cup, reviewing the photos, I think I was dead on.


What sort of night could incite such gushing on my part? An incredibly well attended, up beat sort of night, with one really incredible pour after another. The upgrades of a projector, tasty mixed drinks, and big bear cafe made TNT FEB. the best yet.

People started out playful and experimental. To lead things off, David Flynn poured this fish looking thing.

Jeremy Sterner continued the break from tradition with this high scoring split cup kind of pour.

His pour was awarded 52 points, a feat the crowd seemed to think untoppable, because Jeremy has magic.
His first challenge came from Andy Sprenger, a roaster from Caffe Pronto up in Annapolis. He poured a beautiful tulip, reminiscent of some of Jeremy’s earlier award winning pours.

We waited anxiously, holding our collective breath as cho posted the scores on the projector. The score came back. 51. Jeremy remained on top.

Katie Duris came up to protect her crown, or rather bracelet. Showing some nerves for sure, she poured this pretty thing out.

The room nervously awaited, would her pour put her back on top? it does! and with a score of 57.5, its speculated that it could be the highest scoring pour to date. (on account of my poor recording keeping, haha, get it?). The room is a buzz! congratulations all around. Katie is all smiles, thinking about how that little bit of cash can pay off that ridiculous speeding ticket she got headed home from hotlanta…

anyway, someone should have warned her about spending money before it was hers. Aside from bad business, its plain old bad luck. After studying closely the first half of competitors, Ryan Jensen, espresso bar owner extraordinaire stepped to the machine and…

hold your breath….
54! not enough for first, but soundly in second.

While all the commotion over Jensen’s pour, Lana Labermeier of Big Bear Cafe fame, stepped up to the machine and nailed it.

again there was much excitement as the judges deliberated and the IT team transferred scores and pics. Lana’s score is up and…
58!! She eeks by Katie’s pour by half a point!


After Lana’s pour, the last shake-up to the leader board came in the form of a newly convert to right handed pours. South paw Sala, or Mike “mild” Salsa stepped up and addressed the challenge of his shaky hands – by switching things up. He poured with his right hand and viola!

a third place pour!

The night was simply incredible.


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