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are you ready for a MACH-OFF? (whats a mach-off?)

In honor of latte art throwdowns of yore, this evening we throw back, to last year’s MARBC, where the conundrum of very little milk manifested into one of the greatest spectacles of coffee get togethers this side of the mississippi during a leap year.

What makes a mach off so great you may be wondering. Fair enough. First off you get two chances to make some magic. While competitors are still limited to steaming just one pitcher of milk, they are judged on the latte art achieved in a single macchiato. which means you can pour 2(!) and choose the better one to submit to the judges.

The next exciting thing about the mach-off is that judging is instantaneous! Two judges will deliberate over the submission in comparison to the leading pour. When they have come to a decision they will discard the losing pour.

here’s a taste…

still $5. winner takes all.


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