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Hello Loyal TNT followers,
I’m sorry I’ve neglected TNT. No updates, no photos, nothing. I haven’t even updated the calendar. My attention span has been deficient, and it is completely inexcusable. I hope you’ll find it in your hearts to forgive me.

I know everyone has full schedules. I keep hearing of exams, and birthdays, and visiting friends and family. I hope that in spite of my extremely late notice of this month’s TNT (tomorrow, May 7) some people can still make it out.

And while your at it maybe you’d like to investigate this bit of interactive art that hits close to home for most of us. This is not that cafe opens tomorrow night at the Philips Collection in Dupont Circle, just a short walk from the training center.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

from the phillips collection website:
“Set in the museum’s café, this is not that CAFÉ is an art piece that pays homage to coffeehouse and café traditions. The artists responsible collaborate under the name dB foundation and are dedicated to creating temporary, ephemeral, and inhabitable art. For the duration of the piece, their wall collages, board games, books, and artistic foods (both real and fake) will transform the physical space.”

And just so I don’t make this mistake again, June TNT will be Thursday the 11th.

Hope to see you tomorrow!
hearts and stars,


post script. i also promise to dig thru flash cards to find images of the last couple of throwdowns.

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