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Way To Go Meredith!

Before we launch into the play by play, I’d just like to thank everyone who came out last month for TNT. It was great to see so many of you, and on such short notice. A very big thanks to our judges this month. David Fritzler from tryst, Lana Labermeier from big bear cafe, and Justin “cupcake” Stegall from bakeshop dc.

on to the play by play.

Yours truly had the good fortune of picking the first spot, and poured the whispy thing (upper right), that did alright in points but didn’t stand much of a chance for the greatness that followed.

My pour didn’t stand much of a chance against allie turner’s beautiful tulip poured in cappuccino cup. She poured third and ruled the board for most of the night. I don’t know about you, but I think this drink looks just delicious.

In the spirit of perfect nights, meredith taylor, of peregrine espresso stepped up and poured her most beautiful competition pour to date. She had great use of space, fantastic definition, really just a lovely, impressive pour. With it she snuck by allie to claim top prize, and on her birthday! way to go meredith!

Every month I walk away from TNT excited about something new, and recently I’ve been stoked on just how great coffee folks in dc are. Increasingly TNT competitions are coming down to 2 point differences as the playing field is leveling off. And what’s awesome about it is that its because people are getting better, and its anyone’s game.

Pearce Arnold from tryst also poured (I think) his best TNT pour yet, with great contrast and a full canvas. Really impressive.

Point being, i’m grateful to have such a friendly and supportive coffee community to be inspired by. I think we’re have even greater coffee on our horizon.



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