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September 10th at CCCDCTC!

Bring your friends.  Bring your skills.  Bring your money and throw it down this Thursday!  TNT September is taking place at the CounterCultureCoffeeD.C.TrainingCenter and we will be accepting donations for beverages.  The ‘suggested’ donation for these beverages will be between 2 and 3 $’s.  The idea is that we will grow a bit of a fund to create a self sustaining TNT–  meaning BIGGER prizes, TNT D.C. t-shirts and more!  This week 2nd and 3rd place will be receiving a sweet prize from all the way over on the other side of the country- brought to you by Meredith and Julie!  Thanks Ladies!  You two are nice! 

Sign ups at 8 with competition getting underway at 9.  If you are interested in judging, please contact the committee at  See you there…


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