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New faces from new places

We are heading full blast into fall.  October marks the one year anniversary for TNT in Washington D.C. and some interesting plans are in the works.  More on that later. 

September 10th, evening.  A relatively small crowd, but some first timers and even a first timer from a new shop!  This happened to be Mike Sala’s last TNT for a while as he heads off to France.  We’ll miss you, M’Sala!

He started the night off well with this fantastic gift from the TNT committee.  As Julie has said, ‘you probably wont get any of this in France!’.  Hope you enjoyed it, Mike.



On the evening of hardcore, fist-to-face, latte art badness (ok, its just coffee and milk) Lana from Bigbear stepped up first and stayed in first quite a while…


Nice one! 

A newcomer to TNT and repping his shop well, Kyle from Mid City Caffe threw down!  kyle pour

Liz, from Tryst who always pours some sick multi art put this in front of the judges… liz pourWhat an amazing use of space!  I thought this would be the pour to beat for the rest of the night, but Lana held on.  WOW! 

Travis, who always pours well put this out followed by another newcomer!  Secret from Tryst threw down for the first time.  Nice-ta-meetcha Secret! 



A ground breaking turn of events took place when our first ever tag-team pour occurred.  I dont know if this is against the rules or not, but if it is, we all turned away because it was so flippin sweet to see.  David and Jocelyne teamed up for this one.  David took on the technical side of the pour, steaming milk and dropping a coupla shots in a cup, while Jocelyne-first TNT pour and (I dont think) trained as a barista put the milk in a cup.  Thanks for the sheer defiance, you two!  Love this stuff…

tag team


Mick stepped up in the middle of volunteering to post scores (thanks, man) and poured this for a score of 52, enough to bump Lana into second place and take the lead…


Maura from Peregrine layed down the love…


and some jerk put the multi art in because ‘alot of other people were doing mulit-art!’ 


Ummmm.  Well.  I won with this pour.  Mick took second and a sweet beer glass from a pub in Portland while Lana took home the super sweet shirt from 15th ave coffee and tea.  I’ll bet she’ll be inspired by star$’s every time she wears it. 

I hope that the bar is raised with each succeeding TNT and that more people, more new faces, more up and coming phenomenal baristas will come out to represent the craft of the barista.  Remember when you serve that cup that someone, somewhere, spent time growing and nurturing the coffee- pouring there lives and love into it.  So, when you prepare the luscious beverage, remember– and pour your passion into it.

Thanks to all the volunteers, especially our two newest judges, Kaitlyn and Paige as well as Alex from CounterCulture who donated the space, time and sleep deprivation.  Sorry about the hard counter!  We will start a fund for a futon for you!

See you in October!


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