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I always enjoyed that ‘oct’ is (maybe Latin?) 8 and this TNT is on the 8th of ‘OCT-ober’.  I suppose you could say that about other months and their corresponding days that fit with their (Latin? again…) months.  Like, November 9 and December 10 and so on.

Ok, back to TNT!!!  This will be our celebratory TNT as it marks Washington D.C. TNT’s first Anniversary!  Cake and ice cream-YES!  Feel free to bring gifts, as long as they’re really expensive.  Also, this is a ‘Moustache’ party.  This means, break out your best eye liner pencil (sharpie works great), make a faux one and glue it on, or start growing it!  Must have moustache to enter, though, you can probably get one at the door.  This is to kind of go with Halloween since its in October and all. 

Now, for the best part of this shindig:  Chinatown Coffee rocks two espresso machines, but instead of head to head bracket action, we will feature fast paced, two at a time pours with scores!  The reason for this you wonder?  Well, we want to be able to get as many competitors through the session as possible because the 10 highest scores are going to be representing D.C. baristas in a big way.  At a date and time to be announced (in November) the top 10 are going up against New York City’s finest latte artists!!!  Friggin sweet…  This will all happen via the interwebs- streaming, uploaded photos to be scored by off-site judges and stuff.

So, to sum it all up:  Chinatown Coffee Company on October the 8th.  Sign ups will begin at 7:30pm with competition beginning around 8:30pm.  Grow some lip fuzz and come out to celebrate TNT D.C.’s Birthday!!!


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