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New champ, new host

November’s TNT took place at Mid City Caffe and was quite delightful.  This is the layout that greeted us as we entered…










Lovely and tasty!  Thanks Mid City!  You all way out did yourselves for this event.  I had quite a different view of TNT this time around as I judged along with Meredith ‘Death’ Taylor and Guillaume Bernardeau.  Guillaume was shooting photos while judging and did a great job with both.  Thanks, Guillaume!

Wow, we look stiff and serious.  Actually we were drawing stick figure flip books in this picture.

On to the event.

TNT’s very own planner/photographer/tech for the weberlinks Julie Housh was in the top three after this one.

While some first TNT timers threw down also.

Rasheed’s pour…

Rasheed is busy opening a shop and says he hasnt poured in over a year.  Not bad for being out of the game for a while.

Patrick, our first competitor from Bourbon came out to throw down.

Shannon from Chinatown stepped up…

With both Ken and Kyle of Mid City representing that evening…









In the end, someone who has almost always placed in the top three, but never quite taken it all, put down what was easily the best pour of the night!  So, leading up to our new champ…


Rachelle from Peregrine Espresso took third with this…

Nick Cho took second with this (love the texture and delicate ‘foxtales’!)…

And Liz…  Outstanding!

1st prize was a bottle of Dogfishhead Red and White (one of my favorites) that Liz quickly handed off to Nick- her heart was set on the coveted TNT D.C. bracelet!  and, probably, the cash.

Nice job, Liz!


Thank you to all the competitors that came out!  Huge thanks to Mid City and team for the venue and refreshments.  Julie, for MCing, photo-ing and cup carrying- you rock!  ‘Death’ and Guillaume thanks for the judging.

Stay tuned for an upcoming recap of the D.C. vs NY Throwdown!  It was a media extravaganza!





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