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Is eggnog still a good excuse?

To recap this past TNT from December, I shall begin with an apology for being so late in posting:  I am sorry. 

TNT December brought out some awesome coffee folk who came for cookies and friends and competition.  This was, I think, the biggest event yet in terms of overall attendance and competitors.  There was a cookie throwdown and everybody was allowed to vote for their favorites!  This was DELICIOUS!

David Fritzler was making amazing eggnog on site with a little help from CCC’s Alex Brown.  It was sooooo gooooood! 

There was lots of PBR to go around thanks to TNT’s new friend, Dan VanHoozer.  Thanks, Dan.  There were also tons of PBR prizes along with a few other goodies-  Top five all got a bag of Counter Cultures Holiday Blend and a PBR can/stein conversion kit.  Check out the beer tree and the sweet prize table…

here is third place…

second place…

… and first place!

The latte art battle was amazing!  Pour after pour were solid, but we kept waiting to see ‘The One’.  For a while, I thought this one may take it all.  Will Shields layed this out…

Returning champion, Liz Fedden, poured this…

Not enough to capture it this time…

Our final three were all new to the winners circle this evening.

Travis Beckett took third with this well balanced pour-  he was not officially bar trained yet (but has worked in coffee before).  Good job, Travis!

Collin put this in front of us.  Its in a 3oz cup or less.  The color and definition blew the judges away.  It scored enough to take second!

and, finally…  1st PLACE!!!  Maura Ourand poured the jaw dropper of the evening.  Outstanding, Maura!  Reminiscent of the big, sweeping leaves that DNF would pour, Maura roles her own unique style in to the pattern seen here…

Here is a shot of the winners showing off their hot schwag from PBR!

This was an amazing evening that went well past midnight for some of us.  There was even a sleep-over at the training center! 

Thank yous to all the competitors, spectators, cookie providers and judges!

Super thanks to David Fritzler for the killer cocktails!

Huge thanks to Dan VanHoozer and PBR!

This was the last TNT for TNT committee member, Julie Housh.  Julie has done an incredible job building up TNT in D.C. with great photos and friend gathering PR.  She reached out to the D.C. coffee community and pulled so many new faces in and has grown this family to rent-a-park-out reunion size.  Thank you, Julie!  We miss you.

TNT January will take place at Baked and Wired on January 14th, 2010.  Sign ups at 8 and pouring at 9.  Cant wait to see you all in this new year!


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