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Nice birthday party

Last nights TNT at the Counter Culture training center was awesome!  So many faces that I havent seen before were there to watch.  Not too many new pourers, but to see familiar faces eager to throw down touched my heart.  We had Ultimo, Spruce Street and Town Hall from PA represented.  Wiggles was there.  Lots of shops from D.C. had competitors present.  What Katie Duris started two years ago has really become a fantastic coffee community ‘fight club’. 

PBR Dan, who couldn’t be with us last night, graciously supplied many drinks.  Thanks, Dan.  Rob from Dolcezza made second place delightful by providing a gift card to his shop.  Thanks Rob and team.  Ryan from Peregrine hooked up the ‘guess the number of beans’ winner with Peregrines newest t-shirt.  Julie Housh and the BGA raffled off a free membership.  Julie also made cupcakes, decorated and scored the sweet ‘injury’ tattoos that much of the crowd wore on their necks and faces.  Mick from Opencity brought gagillions of micro cupcakes- delicious.  Treva graced us with a beer and cheese pairing that lit up my taste buds. 

I am sure I am leaving some ‘thank yous’ out– it was a busy evening.  Thanks, everybody!

Judges were Rob and Liz from Dolcezza with Mike from Chinatown adding style points to the trio.  I hope somebody got a picture of his sweet boots — it needs to be posted if you have one.  Head to head competition with some twists among the different rounds.  I wasnt paying enough attention to make it move fast in the beginning sorry y’all.  Second round had the barista picking who would steam the competitors milk with the competitor then pouring said milk.  This was kinda fun.  Next twist was having to pour a mach and a cap with one pitcher of milk and present both to the judges for scoring, while the absolute final to decide the winner made the competitors pour with their non dominant hand.  Two great pours, in my opinion, for being awkward!  Nice job Meredith- Ultimately Tim from Filter took it home. 

Tim has always been solid, and last night he never flinched.  I had to pour against him in the mach/cap round.  I tried matching hearts in both drinks while he pulled multiple leafed rosettas in both of his.  Tim and leaves advanced.  Good to see him go all the way! 

The night went way late and Alex and Anna drove me back to the metro station as there was no way I would make the last train out of the city.  It was all worth it.

Happy Birthday, TNT D.C.!


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