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So hows this going to work……

OCT 20 – Big Bear Cafe & Spruce Street Espresso – 8pm Sign Ups 9pm Pour

To find out who has what it takes to be considered the best late artist in the mid-atlantic, we are going to have two throwdowns going at the same time in each city. In DC, Big Bear Cafe is hosting and in Philly, Spruce Street Espresso will host. Each city will have a throwdown just like every other month; 32 barista bracket, single elimination, last one standing wins. But what we’re going to do differently is stop each TNT at the final 4 competitors.

Here is where it gets interesting….. both cities will have 4 baristas go head to head via online streaming. Each will pour and present to the camera where our panel of judges will select who moves on. “But who is going to judge and which judges are we going to use?” I’m glad you asked. Each TNT will already have 3 judges, so when we get to the final round, Philly will drop a judge making it 2 in Philly and 3 in DC. Hopefully, if Philly challenges us in the future, we will drop a judge and they can keep three. It makes sense, I promise.

If all goes as planned, we will have the final pour be a DC barista vs a Philly barista but lets be serious, they will all probably be knocked out in the first pours. One can hope though.

Judges will be announced soon and the list of prizes just keeps growing. There will be a large final prize that includes a one-of-a-kind trophy that will travel to the winner’s shop to be on display. In other words, it will be in DC for awhile until Philly challenges us again to try and win it for PA. Something like this…..

For our TNT, we are going to offer pre-registration for those of you who want to guarantee a spot on the big night. We’re going to make a post next week explaining how and where to sign up.

We have been fortunate enough to get a ton of great sponsors for this huge anniversary; big thanks to everyone that has offered to help in anyway….
Counter Culture Coffee
Trickling Springs Creamery
La Marzocco
DC Brau
American Ice Co
Mad Cap
Wrecking Ball
Skull Candy
Big Bear Cafe
Spruce Street Espresso
Crystal Press
Barista Magazine
Taylor Gourmet
Ba Bay
Beam Global
Red Apron


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