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Pre-Registration & Official Flyer!!!

Big thanks to Counter Culture Coffee & Katy Meehan for the official flyer of the October DC vs Philly TNT.

We always hear it, “I would pour but I close at 9, so I can’t make it in time to sign up.” or “I got there early but the bracket was already full!”. We feel your pain and it is time to offer pre-registration for this monumental event, no pun intended. For the first time, you can reserve a spot to compete next Thursday. If you are interested, please leave a comment on this post including the following;

If closing, what time expected

The goal here isn’t to allow people to sign up ahead of time and then show up late to TNT, it is to give a spot those people who really want to pour. “But what if all 32 spots fill up before the event!?”. I know, I know, we have thought of this too and in the case that it does happen, we will present an alternate plan after the first 32 baristas.

Congratulations to Kyrae Cowan and Laura Westman from Big Bear Cafe for becoming Certified CCC Baristas this past week. These two really did a great job in their performances and they have home court advantage next week….. Get it Big Bear.

Get excited! The trophy is looking real good and all the prizes are pouring in, pun intended.


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This entry was posted on October 12, 2011 by in Flyers.


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