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A Tale of Two Baristas

On behalf of (Yes, we recognize the necessity that is changing our url), I recently sat down with Alex Bean and Dan Brown, the Champ and Runner-up of November TNT. After eight straight hours nestled together behind the bar, followed by a grueling run through DC’s most talented latte aesthetes, the competitors settled the score on the GB5. The final throwdown yielded no dispute over the victor, but our brave finalists shared disparate perspectives on the outcome’s influence on their relationship. First, we spoke to Dan.

The Sympathetic Whipping Boy

WDCTNT: How does it feel to lose in the finals of TNT?

Dan: It feels amazing! This is the best I’ve ever done! I get to do all the dishes. Easy, I worked eight hours with this kid right here, every hour was amazing. Alex Bean is the champion!

WDCTNT: No resentment?

Dan: Zero resentment. ZERO resentment.

The Pride of Chinatown

Alex offered different sentiments.

WDCTNT: How does this compare to your other accomplishments?

Alex: This is by far the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I really haven’t done much. But you know, Dan Brown: he is the worst. That guy. He’s talentless. He’s classless. I worked with him all day today, he was swearing at children, pouring milk all over…I don’t even know how he made it to the finals, he’s terrible. It feels good to knock someone like that, with an ego that big, down.

WDCTNT: What was your strategy?

Alex: Basically, my strategy was to keep my head down, wait till I was up against Dan, and then just let loose all of the frustration and anger that was building all day long. You have no idea. Just waiting. Just biding my time.

WDCTNT: What are you going to do with all of your winnings?

Alex: Strip club.


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