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Meet the Judges: Miguel Cervoni

Ladies and Gents: The final Throwdown of the year is a mere two days away. In preparation, WDCTNT spoke with Thursday’s judges for a window into their judging philosophies. In part one of our three-part series, we highlight Miguel Cervoni of Peregrine Espresso.

What are you looking for in winning latte art?
 The Mona Lisa, but I’d settle for hollow leaves.
If you were competing, what would you pour?
 Multi layer tulip.
Are you susceptible to bribes? If so, do you prefer money? Stock options? Sexual favors? Other?
 Yes. Red velvet cupcakes.
If you likened your persona as a barista competing at TNT to that of a World Cup qualifying soccer squad, which nation would you be and why?
 Team USA. They have a lot of heart, but they always choke at the end.
Stop back tomorrow for part two. Tomorrow’s subject: Alex Brown.

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