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Meet the Judges: Alex Bean

In our final segment, we meet Alex Bean, barista at Chinatown Coffee Co and November TNT Champion.

What are you looking for in winning latte art?
   It’s not as important for the art itself to be good as it is for the barista to make me BELIEVE it’s good. A real champion sells it with her eyes.

If you were competing, what would you pour?
   I would pour a skull and crossbones so the judges would know better than to vote against me.

Are you susceptible to bribes? If so, do you prefer money? Stock options? Sexual favors? Other?
   Pro Tip: If you are up against a pretty girl with a nice smile and I’m on the judge’s panel, don’t even bother pouring.

If you likened your persona as a barista competing at TNT to that of a World Cup Qualifying soccer squad, which nation would you be and why?
   France. It was the vicious head butt I delivered to Dan Brown in the finals that sealed the victory for me in November.

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