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Flying Fish Recap

What a start to 2012! This was a TNT of a lot of firsts; Flying Fish hosted their first TNT, we had our first TNT of the year, this was the first in our year long District Cup series, Filter finally won their first TNT (we kid!), and it was the first time, of my knowledge, that we had a near death catastrophe involving a milk jug. The quote of the night came early before the event even started. In regards to Tim (creator of the Tim rule) forgetting the traveling trophy, our soon to be winner Anna, from Filter said;

“Don’t worry about it, its no big deal. You know the trophy is coming back to Filter anyway!”

Strong words but an even stronger performance. Fiter continued their dominance with another win to start off the new year. The final round came down to Anna and Alegra; aka The Battle of Miss Filter. With that win, Anna not only took home a boatload of prizes (Aeropress, cash money, Apollo T-Shirt, CCC La Frontera, bragging rights, “I told you so Duggan” mocking) but she sits alone, on top of the leader board of our District Cup. Check out the results from our bracket and all the points gained!!

21 – Anna (Filter)
15 – Allegra (Filter)
10 – Joseph (Vigilante)
10 – Antarah (Chinatown)
8 – Tim (Filter) Judge
8 – Josh (Flying Fish) Judge
8 – Judith (Peregrine) Judge
6 – Joey (Peregrine)
6 – Andrew (Peregrine)
6 – Alex (Chinatown)
6 – Taylor (Baked & Wired)
3 – Josue (Dolcezza)
3 – Bryan (Buzz)
3 – Kris (La Mill)
3 – Dan (Comet)
3 – Russ (BBC)
3 – Matthew (Peregrine)
3 – Christy (BBC)
3 – Kristen Michele Powell
1 – Kevin (OC)
1 – Dawn (Peregrine)
1 – AJ (Diner)
1 – Matt
1 – Maggie (Buzz)
1 – Chris
1 – Kelly (Buzz)
1 – Caitlyn (Buzz)
1 – Ezatt (Tryst)
1 – Camillo (Pitango)
1 – Antajuan (Pound)
1 – Justin (Tryst)
1 – Stefan (Vigilante)
1 – Amanda (Filter)
1 – Alex (Baked & Wired)
1 – Amanda (Baked & Wired)

Please let us know if we included the wrong shop in our standings so we can keep an accurate record throughout the year. We also remembered that ‘Hey, if you won the previous month and you are judging a TNT that falls into the District Cup schedule, how can you score?”… so we’ve awarded some points to our judges for helping out.

Big shout out to Flying Fish for hosting a great party, a nice post from Alejandra Owens, and an awesome flickr set from Ian M. Cunningham. Next month’s TNT will not be a TNT but yet a ‘Cup Taster’s Challenge”. Anyone not familiar with the format should check out this video from our friends in Atlanta.

Thursday, February, 16th
Counter Culture Coffee Training Center
1840 Columbia RD NW
Suite 202
More details to come!!


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