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Cup Tasters’ Recap

Last week’s Cup Tasters’ Challenge brought in a great mix of home-enthusiasts and professional baristas which filled our 22 competitor slots very quickly. Each person was given 6 flights of 3 coffees with 2 being the same coffee and 1 being different. What coffees you ask? Well here is the key for everything we tasted;

Flight 1 * Jagong, Sumatra x 2 vs Decaf La Frontera, Peru x 1
Flight 2 * Ididio Natural, Ethiopia x 2 vs Karatu, Kenya x 1
Flight 3 * Baroida, Papua New Guinea x 2 vs La Frontera, Peru x 1
Flight 4 * El Gavilan, Ecuador x 2 vs Baroida, Papua New Guinea x 1
Flight 5 * La Frontera, Peru x 2 vs Decaf La Frontera, Peru x 1
Flight 6 * La Frontera, Peru x 2 vs El Gavilan, Ecuador x 1

The 3rd Flight was found to be the most difficult with only 4 of the 22 guessing correctly and the 2nd Flight being the easiest with only 4 of the 22 guessing incorrectly. I knew that Natural would shine through, but people were flying right through Flight 2. This was the first time for the majority of the competitors to do a triangulation, but man one could say….

“We sure had some Naturals out there!”

 Our champion was the only one to hit 5 of 6 coffees and ran away with the first place medal.  Chris from Vigilante Coffee took the crown as DC’s first Cup Tasters’ Champion.  He is holding onto the traveling TNT trophy as well as a super sweet medal.  Vigilante Coffee is a new roaster to DC and are setting up shop on H St.  It’s awesome to see these guys and I am thrilled to have them in the District!  I mean check out the sweet logo, can’t ask for much more.   We were also awarding second and third place prizes, but after many announcements and pleas to “To not leave early, because you may still win a prize”, some of the top competitors left sans trophies.  We had 5 people tied with 4 of 6 correct, so the tie went to the fastest time.  After sifting through the numbers and who was still left, our second place medal went to JoElle from Big Bear Cafe and third place to Ryan Jensen of Peregrine Espresso.  Congrats to all and a big thanks to everyone in helping out.  Be on the lookout for a video from Sarah Cannon who was shooting the event for us.  Also, if you have any photos from last week, especially of our Champ, please send us a message.  We usually have one of us shooting the whole time, but we had our hands full last week.  Check out the sweet photos we did get via Christy Baugh….

Next month we will be returning to our original format of a good old Latte Art Throwndown and Pitango Gelato is hosting their first one.   Someone recently asked me “Why don’t we do that thing where we used to pour into weird cups for the final round or do the ‘best friend pour’ or even blindfolded?”.  And I don’t want to give away too much, but lets just say, we’ve got some things brewing for March.

Pitango Gelato
413 7th street, NW
Washington, DC 20008
March 8th, 2012
8:30pm Sign Up * 9pm Pours


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