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I knew 2012 would be a year of firsts for WDC TNT, but I would have never guessed we would have as many as we did last week at Pitango Gelato.

Lets see, first time …..

  • at Pitango Gelato (great hosts by the way)
  • a husband & wife went head to head (that i’m aware of)
  • a husband & wife were in the finals 
  • a husband from Wisconsin has won
  • someone may or may not have thrown a semi-final round
  • team Madcap has won a WDC TNT
And I could keep going, I’m sure, but you get the point.  Last Thursday was great and we had a wild finish.  This was Round 2 of our year long District Cup and everyone came out to keep gaining those points.  This is the FIRST TIME we have had a year long competition and for those that have forgotten, District Cup is a combination of 5 TNTs in which we give out points for advancing in the bracket.  At the end of the year, we will award the overall winner with a super sweet prize and bragging rights for all of 2013.
The Whitcomb family took control of the night by racing to the finals.  Colin and Emily relocated to DC from Wisconsin where they both spent time at Alterra Coffee.  Colin has joined Madcap on their expansion out of Michigan and Emily has started working at Bloomigdale’s favorite Big Bear Cafe.  So we knew going into the night of their coffee history and mad skills, but man, they did awesome.  Colin’s consistent tulips pushed him past some of our usual heavy hitters, all the way to his first WDC TNT Crown.  To mix it up a little, the final pour was into small Pitango Gelato cups.  Check out the District Cup standings from March and the overall top ten…..


21 – Colin (Madcap)                     3 – Tim B (Filter)                  1 – Kris (La Mill)
15 – Emily (BBC)                          3 – Justin (Tryst)                  1 – Selina (Buzz)
10 – Ryan J (Peregrine)                3 – Tom (NOSO)                 1 – Brian F (NOSO)
10 – Amanda (Dolcezza)              1 – Graham (Pitango)
8 – Chris N (Pitango) Judge         1 – Kelly
8 – Chris (Vigilante) Judge           1 – Joseph
8 – JoElle (BBC) Judge               1 – Allegra (Filter)
6 – Travis (Pitango)                      1 – David B
6 – Caitlyn (Chinatown)               1 – Antawan (Vigilante)
6 – Seth (NOSO)                         1 – Dawn (Peregrine)
6 – Trevor (Madcap)                   1 – Lindsey (Cali)
3 – Alex Mc (NOSO)                   1 – Jonathan (Yola)
3 – Matthew B (Peregrine)         1 – Lindsay W
3 – Mike                                     1 – Tiffany
3 – Collin (NOSO)                      1 – Tim B
3 – Camilo (Pitango)                  1 – Austin
21 – Anna (Filter)
21 – Colin (Madcap)
16 – Allegra (Filter)
15 – Emily (BBC)
11 – Joseph (Vigilante)
11 – Tim B (Filter)
11 – Amanda (Dolcezza)
10 – Antarah (Chinatown)
10 – Ryan J (Peregrine)
9 – Chris (Vigilante) 

 Thanks again to Pitango for hosting.  Stay posted for details on April’s TNT.  More photos here.

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