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Bayou Bakery TNT Recap


When it comes to being great hosts, Bayou Bakery has the Southern Hospitality dialed in!  Holding their 2nd TNT since opening, David & Kyle once again came through with delicious treats and savory snacks native to Louisiana, not to mention Abita beer for the whole crew.



Though crossing the river to Virginia meant a smaller crowd than normal, the competition was just as fierce!  The Australian Broadcasting Company even came to do a piece on great coffee in the District, so the pressure to perform was heightened.

Well DMV, I think we came through.


Jane and Louie from ABC took a liking to MadCap’s Colin Whitcomb who welcomed the attention and poured exceptionally well despite 3 cameras on him.

Bayou’s own Kyle Pool!

Alex Brown sighting!  Even his wife, Anna, was shocked to see him throw down.

A smaller bracket left us with 3 competitors for the final round.  Ryan from Peregrine and Trevor & Colin from MapCap threw down in some fine stemware to see who would be taking the trophy.  All three pours were great, but in the end it was Trevor who took home his first TNT WDC win.  Well done, Trevor!!

Huge thanks once again to Bayou Bakery for being such excellent hosts and to Abita for providing awesome beer!  See you next month! (Sep 13th — location announced soon.)

More photos here.


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