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District Cup Finals Preview

As the year winds down, our first annual District Cup approaches it’s final round. We have taken the results from four TNTs, turned them into a point system, and created a NASCAR like system rewarding the barista with the most points after the 5th and final TNT with the crown. Here are your top 10 in no particular order…

Chris Vigilante

Shop: Vigilante Coffee

Height: 6ft

Specialty: Killing it with kindness

Insider Info: Started Vigilante Coffee in The District after living in Hawaii and working with/loving coffee. Knows how to sell, make, pour, grind, roast, etc etc etc. Chris has to be a crowd favorite for how nice he is and how great his coffee is. You can find Vigilane at farmer’s markets, H St NE, and restaurants around DC.

Emily Whitcomb

Shop: Big Bear Cafe

Specialty: Thousand-Tiered Rosettas

Insider Info: Emily moved to DC with her top-10 husband, Colin, from Wisconsin where the pair made coffee for Alterra Coffee. She consistently shows up to TNTs, drops crazy rosettas, and advances deep into the bracket. Along with Russ, Emily will have home field advantage when it matters the most so look for her to challenge for the title.

Ryan Jensen

Shop: Peregrine Espresso

Height: 7ft

Accomplishments: 2005 SERBC Champion, USBC Committee, Hilly Award

Insider Info:  Ever heard of Peregrine Espresso? This is the man behind the legend. Hailing from Murky Coffee and Counter Culture Coffee, Ryan can be credited for raising the coffee bar throughout The District. He now owns 3 shops, has trained a world class staff, and has managed to be super dad for Simon.

Amanda Salisbury

Shop: Dolcezza Gelato

Specialty: Hearts/Tulips

Insider Info: Amanda has quietly snuck into the running for The District Cup Championship. Hailing from the freezers of Dolcezza Gelato, she shows up to nearly every TNT and eases past her challengers. Amanda will be my official “Dark Horse” competitor of the top 10, as she quietly takes the crown.

Allegra Bisbee

Shop: Filter Coffeehouse

Specialty: Best laugh in DC

Insider Info: Allegra’s last TNT was at Peregrine Espresso, when she took her second 2nd place in The District Cup. Those points shot her to the top of the standings just as fast as she told us she was moving. A surprise visit in December could win Allegra The Cup, who is going to call her?!

Travis Beckett

Shop: Peregrine Espresso

Accomplishments: SERBC Competitor ’12,’11,’10, USBC ’12 6th place, TNTs like whoa

Specialty: Triple Rosettas

Insider Info: As a strong competitor on many circuits, Travis mends a culinary education with years behind one of the busiest bars in DC to make one tough guy to beat. He can win with his famous triple rosettas or maybe one of his USBC final’s signature beverages.

Russ Durfee

Shop: Big Bear Cafe

Nickname: Lead Belly

Specialty: Shaky hands = Splendid tulips

Insider Info: Being relatively new to the coffee world, Russ has skyrocketed into a great TNT competitor. Alongside Emily, he will be using the home court advantage to dominate Big Bear’s La Marzocco Linea. If he isn’t slinging lattes, you can find him behind the other bar, creating amazing cocktails for the late night crowd in Bloomingdale.

Anna Green

Shop: Filter Coffeehouse

Accomplishments: SERBC Competitor ’11,’10

Insider Info: Anna has helped put Filter on the coffee map, first in the original location in Dupont Circle and now down in Foggy Bottom. She might be the sole Filter rep unless she can convince Allegra to come back for the finals. As a seasoned barista competitor, Anna brings a lot of experience to the table and has to considered a favorite to take the crown.  Oh and she’s Texan.

Matthew Bryce

Shop: Peregrine Espresso

Specialty: Teaching guitar, crushing tulips, babysitting

Insider Info: Matthew rounds out as the third competitor from Peregrine Espresso and you can find at the 14th St location. As an expert in music, he might just play a tune on his guitar before he lays down a perfect tulip. He will be spending next week down in Atlanta for this year’s SERBC and will come back ready to tackle another crown.

Colin Whitcomb

Shop: Madcap

Specialty: 8-Tiered Tulips, Canoeing

Insider Info: The big question has to be, what if it comes down to Colin and his lovely wife Emily for the finals again? Last time we saw this, he showed no mercy and beat Emily at Pitango but will he do it again!? New to the DC coffee scene, Colin has teamed up with Trevor Corlett to represent Madcap in The District.  Look for him to be a serious contender in December.

We will be reserving 10 spots for these competitors so if you aren’t one of the 10, show up early to guarantee a spot for the biggest TNT of the year. The winner of The District Cup will go home with a prize package from Baratza, Counter Culture, 9:30 Club, Big Bear Cafe, Vigilante Coffee and more.

District Cup Finals

December 13 – 8:30pm

Big Bear Cafe – 1700 1st St NW



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